Instructions for Jalozai Phase III (How To Apply)


  1. Applicant has not been allotted a house /plot by Provincial Housing Authority at any time irrespective whether it was retained or disposed of.
  2. In case husband & wife (both) are Government Servants, then both are eligible as individual service benefit, if they have not been earlier allotted house/plot by Provincial Housing Authority as stated above in clause (a).
  3. In case one of the spouse is a government servant, he/she will not be debarred from allotment under Govt. servant’s quota owning to allotment of plot to his/her spouse under general public quota.
  4. In case of husband & wife in general public quota, only one house/plot shall be allotted, if they have not been earlier allotted house/plot by Provincial Housing Authority (PHA).
  5. Has not been convicted in corruption charges or has not been dismissed from Government Service, if he applies in Govt. Servant quota. 
  6. Contractual/daily wages/work charge/contingent employees are not eligible under Govt. servants’ quota. Allotment of plot to the successful applicants is subject to confirmation of service particulars and other prescribed documents from concerned department.



  1. The allotted plots would be transferrable to the allottee after 100% payment to PHA dues subject to payment of transfer fee and fulfillment of other terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Authority from time to time.
  2. Within four months of the date of taking over possession of plot, the allottee will submit to the PHA the design/building plan of the house for scrutiny and approval. Such plans/designs shall have to be prepared by qualified Architects duly enlisted with the PCATP.
  3. Non user charges @ Rs. 5000/- per year of the plot shall be charged at the time of giving physical possession of plot.
  4. The plot shall not be divided in to two parts, however amalgamation of the plot shall be allowed with prior permission of the PHA.
  5. In order to secure a loan for the construction of house from a Loan Lending Agency, the allottee can mortgage the plot to such an agency after obtaining Non Encumbrance Certificate from the PHA.
  6. If, for any reason, the allottee surrenders the plot to the authority, 10% of the deposited amount of the plot shall be forfeited and the balance amount will be refunded.
  7.  In case allotment of plot is obtained by giving false information/affidavit, the allotment will be cancelled and 30% of the deposited amount shall be forfeited.
  8. The allottee shall be liable to pay from the date he takes over possession of the plot all the assessment, duties charges (including betterment and maintenance charges) and imposition which may now or hereinafter be charged or imposed upon or be payable in respect of the said plot or anything related thereto by any competent authority (including the PHA) under any law, rules, regulations, by-law or order for the time being in force.
  9.  Any officer of the PHA authorized in this behalf shall have the right to enter upon the plot or building there upon at all reasonable hours of the day in case of any complaints/violations.
  10.  The allottee shall comply with and abide by the rules regulations, bye-laws, orders or directions that may be issued from time to time by the PHA or any other concerned Authority. 
  11.  The PHA reserves the right to cancel the allotment of any plot, resume its possession and forfeit 10% of the deposited amount in case of contravention of any condition of allotment and may also take possession of the building constructed on the plot or any material found there on without any compensation, if not removed within a given time.
  12. The allotted plots’ title would be transferrable after one-year subject to payment/ clearance of transfer fee, other taxes, nonuser fee etc. and fulfillment of other terms and conditions.

Intimation shall be given to the Authority in case of devolution of interest in the plot by inheritance or operation of law.