1. Administration of NWFP Provincial Housing Authority Act, 2005.
  2. Planning and execution of schemes under Housing for all and Housing for Government Employees and other Housing Schemes from time to time..
  3. Coordinating, Development Control and Policies with other Government agencies including Local Areas Authorities and Cantonment Boards.
  4. Formulation of Policies and Control with regard to Urban Growth and Development. .
  5. Area Development Schemes and New Townships.
  6. Housing Loans and Investments.
  7. Preparation of schemes for approval of PDWP, CDWP and ECNEC etc Execution of works as deposit works.
  8. Service matters, except those entrusted to Establishment and Administration Department.


  1. Facilitate provision of housing inputs, including land, finance, building materials through institutional and legal frame work and develop indigenous and effective approaches.
  2. Identify state and other lands for developing low income and low cost housing schemes.
  3. Facilitate Public and private partnership or ventures in housing and development of recreational activities.
  4. Promote environment for friendly and standardized construction activities.
  5. Prepare guidelines, long term and short term plans for implementing the low cost housing schemes the low cost housing schemes and programs in Khybepakhtunkhwa.
  6. Facilitate land availability through various innovative measures develop a comprehensive Land information system to cater for the planning and development requirements for a period of five to ten Years.
  7. Suggest measures to check growth of slums and Katchi abady, formulate resettlement and relocation plans.
  8. Propose suitable amendments in land acquisition laws to make provisions for unified transparent and market oriented system of land acquisition.
  9. Formulate provincial land use policy, plan and prepare regional development plans ( inter District spatial Planning Master Plans) for an integrated, coordinated and systematic planning to ensure orderly growth and development of physical infrastructure such as highways, railways, industrial zones conservation of forest reserves and provision of electricity, telephone, sui gas, etc.
  10. Plan a comprehensive programme for the development of satellite, intermediate, secondary and industrial towns to reduce migration and drift to big settlements.
  11. Develop Geographic information System for efficient land documentation and information related to housing and town planning.
  12. Coordinate with Federal Government and, etc. for implementing the development plans and programs pertaining to housing and town planning.
  13. Assist Government Agency to plan/execute Government servants housing scheme etc in the areas of low cost housing.
  14. Formulate policy parameters to ensure liberalization in the existing regulatory measures, and to streamline the affairs of private housing schemes. Perform such other functions as may be assigned to the Authority from time to time by government.
  15. Perform such other functions as may be assigned to the Authority from time to time by government.